Here you will find out all you need to know about the
EXAM Venue, Location, Transport Options, Parking & Facilities

No Parking On-Site
Nearby PARKING €4 All Day

150 Car Spaces Only 3 Mins Away

Royal Liver (HOMEBASE)
PARK 'n' RIDE is only 3 minutes away from EXAM 360

Bring Euro Coins to Pay & Display Your Parking Ticket

If you are a "Blue-Badge" Holder
please E-mail us:


FACE MASKS - Strongly Recommended

We strongly advise All Candidates & Staff to use a face mask whilst in the Venue.  Whilst not mandatory - we strongly recommend their use while moving around the Venue.  Masks can be removed during  Exam time itself.
Click to see our COVID Policy. 

2-Metre Social Distance

There remains 2-Metre Social Distance Policy in all Common Areas, Registration & Waiting Areas, Toilets etc.  Whilst seated for your exam you will still be seated at 1.5 Metre distance. 
Click to see our COVID Policy.

Sanitization of Facilities

We will continue to sanitize all facilities including your Computer, Mouse, Keyboard & Work Areas before you are seated for your exam.
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COVID-19 Contact Tracing - MANDATORY

Persons entering the Exam Venue may be required to give Contact Details in order to facilitate Contact Tracing.
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Car Parking, Luas, Bus & Walking Information

How to get there - Download Guide

Our Location:


Unit 5 Concorde Business Park, Naas Road, Bluebell,
Dublin 12. D12NX3P.  IRELAND


01 6219128 (International 00 353+) 



Prepare now for the Exam ahead

3 Simple Steps to reduce stress and make your Exam easier.


Indentification & Documents

Well in advance, check with your Examing Body about what Identification Documents you'll need to bring along with you for your Exam.  
Your Examing Body provides all the information regarding exam scheduling, dates, costs, registration and exam bookings.


Learn about Exam Venue

Be prepared for COVID-19 Safety Policy in place at the Venue.  
Check now the exact location and means of transport that best suit you so that you can arrive in good time and avoid being stressed or late on your Exam day. You can familiarize yourself with the area by using Google maps etc.  On this page you can find out about where you can park, which Luas Stop or Bus to use.


Prepare & Focus

There are many tips and ideas on-line for Exam Candidates to help them focus on the Exam material, reduce stress and be best prepared for the Exam

Comfortable 275 Seater
Exam Venue in Dublin

An all-round 360' Solution for Exam Providers, Awarding & Professional Member Organizations .  Hi-Capacity / Hi-Stakes Computer-Based Exam Venue in a
Convenient Dublin location.

Remote & Fully Supervised Psychometric Assessments & Testing Services